“I have committed my life to making a difference and improving the lives of those around me.

Growing up with both parents in the workforce – my Mum a cleaner, my Dad a tradie painter – I have always understood the value of secure work, the importance of a fair day’s pay, and why we all must do something to make people’s lives better.

I am proud to have been able to represent working people from a range of industries and occupations through my work in the union movement, fighting for good jobs, respect and dignity and safe workplaces.

During my time as a local Member for Franklin, I have seen too many people in my community doing it tough. These people are often left without work, without access to proper healthcare, and without a roof over their head. I am determined to continue fighting for these people, so that they are no longer forgotten and ignored by government.

Throughout my work for the non-for-profit Beacon Foundation, I had the privilege of working with young, disadvantaged Australians and helping them secure a brighter future.

I look forward to the opportunity to continue fighting for my local community in Franklin.”

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